About us

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The PPe company is a subsidiary OF the multi-award winning, dual-site distillery, pilgrim spirit company, that was created after seeing the heartbreaking effects of the global coronavirus pandemic.


With an aim to provide the highest quality hand sanitiser and ppe to the uk and eu markets, we have secured exclusive distribution for Annie international face masks and have developed our high strength sanitiser brand, cleansor.


All of our face masks are CE-certified, have been tested for Virus protection by Nelson Laboratories and are produced in ISO-certified factories. Our sanitiser brands both contain 70% alcohol with cleansor being produced to a W.H.O standard.  

Annie and facesafe offer two types of mask, the en149 and the kn95. These masks  have uses for both consumers and commercial concerns but offer different types of protection, as shown below

Annie & Facesafe's experience, certifications, q.a. measures & proven supply chain gives peace of mind to customers that they will be receiving genuine, high quality products from a reputable producer in this currently tricky market.


To find out more about Annie and its operations, follow this link.

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If you would like to find out more about our parent company, pilgrim spirit, follow the link below to our website.