Annie is an international corporation that has been in business for 27 years with a portfolio of NINE brands. IT HAS distribution centres in 49 countries and IS available by E-commerce to 200.

Annie's diversification into ppe was a straightforward process. IT WAS already sourcing face masks from nelson-accredited manufacturers, so it was a matter of switching the inventory from cosmetic to medical grade.  


Annie presently supplies MORE THAN 5 million masks to the retail, medical and military markets and IT IS an approved supplier TO both the us and Mexican governments.

As part of ITS global supply of face masks, ppe company haS secured exclusive rights TO all Annie ppe products withIMN the uk and eu markets.

By choosing Annie ppe products you get THREE stages of quality assurance:

  • Quality assured by Annie representative on factory floor

  • quality assured at customs prior to export by government officials

  • quality assured by Annie representative on delivery to your facility.

To browse Annie's quality assured products, follow the link below:

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Annie in the news


Annie's hard work developing ppe supply chains from china has made headline in the us. They have been specifically commended for their high level of diligence when it comes to quality control.

Executive director for sales and operations, Steve miller, describes the challenges that Annie have faced in guaranteeing great quality products and obtaining the highest possible certifications through extensive product testing. 

"we had to start the long process and invest 10s of thousands of dollars to have our products tested at Nelson Labs, a globally recognised lab. Many of our products have FDA, CE and Iso certifications"

This issue of counterfeit goods and certifications is also covered as many companies are finding it a very common issue in the current the global ppe market. Steve describes the current market as "the Wild West" but Annie's proven supply chain and stringent quality controls provides consumers confidence that they are purchasing high quality ppe.


To read the full article, follow this link.